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Lottery for ATMs!

We are excited to announce the arrival of Lotto Software, Check Depositing Software, and Dynamic Currency Conversion capabilities to Golden State ATM customers.

These options are vital to expanding your business and catering to as many customers as possible, all from the touch of a button.

As a business owner, these tools will prove essential in maximizing your profits, as well expanding your customer base, while providing an array of services to your patron.


FREE ATM Terminal

If you are a merchant looking for an ATM machine, we offer free ATM machine placement INSTALLED with our processing services. ($3,000 value)

As a security measure, we bolt all of the machines we install into the ground using four heavy duty bolts.

Our experts will advise you on the best location to place your machine to garner the most traffic, and at the same time, to ensure the privacy of your customers who use the machine.
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Route/Account Sales

If you are interested in purchasing an ATM route, we are able to work with you to do so.
If you are interested in purchasing accounts to expand your portfolio, we are able to provide you with accounts that are ready to be installed.
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Best Processing Rates

We have the best processing rates in the industry!
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Lifetime Warranty Packages

If you are a merchant processing your ATM with Golden State, we are able to offer you our Lifetime Warranty Package that provides you with a comprehensive guarantee for the life of your machine.
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Merchant Services

Need to accept credit cards for your new business? Check out Free Terminal Today

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Credit Card Terminal

Our Services

  • Golden State ATM’s are available for your special event! We will provide the machines free of charge for any event you may have, and we will install it complimentary. This way, guests and patrons alike can have on the spot and quick access to their cash.

    In addition to this, we can also customize ATM wraps to go with any theme or logo of your event. We are able to place an advertisement on the ATM if you wish at no additional charge.
  • As an Established Processing Customer of Golden State ATM, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of our complimentary lead Services. To become an Established Processing Customer of Golden State ATM, you must have at least 10 terminals with us or have been processing with us for a minimum of 1 year, whichever comes first. Lead Services will allow you to expand your portfolio without having to solicit accounts on your own. Most Processors will charge you a fee for lead services, our leads are COMPLIMENTARY!
  • Please email info@goldenstateatm.com for more information.
  • We place top of the line ATM machines in hotel establishments. We can provide custom high end kiosk surrounds for any ATM, along with a custom branded wrap with your hotel name. We are able to display any advertisements or promotions for your customers to see. We have several profitable options for hotels who wish to use our ATM services. Please call 1-855-669-6257 to get more information.
  • Please email info@goldenstateatm.com for more information.